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Stay the Course

with IT Strategic Plans, IT Budgets and Network Plans

Many computer systems have been built in a piecemeal fashion in response to immediate business needs or technological demands and opportunities. Your computer systems should support operations, facilitate business decisions and possibly provide competitive advantage.

Poorly planned systems expenditures can be costly and moreover, not take you where you want to go.  An information technology assessment guides your spending and provides a blueprint for planning future upgrades and other improvements.

  • First, we take stock of where you are. We review your current computer installation in view of your operational needs, business plans and budgetary constraints.
  • Next, we determine where you want to go. What information technologies need to be in place to support your organization now and realize your longer-term objectives?
  • Finally, we map out how to get from here to there.





Information Technology Assessments

1. Where are you now?

2. Where do you want to go?

3. How do you get from here to